Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Power of Humility

The quiet evening was jarred by an earth-shattering explosion,
Rattling windows up to four blocks away.
In another, more eternal realm, the explosion was not only heard
but understood, better than on the small planet.
Like a potent chemical reaction, humility when it clashes
with pride, stubbornness and self-pity, reacts violently.
Only when the dust settles after all the pieces of fractured ego have fallen, can the painful healing process begin.
Confession always precedes healing!
“Lord, I admit to my stubbornness and self-reliance.
I believe in Your Word and in Your promises.
I will walk in these promises with Your
Guidance and direction.”
This heart, crippled by years of doubt and pride, will
now walk in the confidence of Your Spirit.

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