Sunday, July 03, 2011

God Still Heals

“They will lay hands on the sick and they will get well.” Mark 16:18

One of the men in our weekly Bible study was set upon by some thugs and received four broken ribs! He is a tough old bird who had recently rededicated his life to Jesus Christ. Having gone through several such incidents during his life, he just gritted his teeth and forged ahead.
After a week and lots of pain, however, he was taken to an emergency room for a look-see. Bad news, they told him. Your ribs are not healing, they are sort of floating in fluid and in need of surgical help to properly heal. We will have to open your chest and repair the damaged ribs. While considering this option he showed up at the Bible study and shared his pain and concern.
Moved by the Holy Spirit we laid hands on him and asked God to heal his fractured ribs and restore him to health in Jesus' name. As we were gathering our things together after the study he stood and said, “Hey, I can move my arm around and I couldn't do this before.” He was rotating his right arm around and around with no pain. “I am not kidding,” he said. “I couldn't do this. I think God healed me!” We praised God and rejoiced together.
That was Friday, June 24, 2011. Today, June 28, at our Tuesday Bible Study, he proclaimed total healing by the Lord God Almighty! He told us after he got home, thinking that God had, indeed healed his ribs, he not only rotated his arm but dropped down on the floor and popped out several push-ups. He was healed.
We share this miracle to encourage all who may read it. God still heals. God still cares. God still saves our souls. Glory to our God.

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