Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Holy God

Holy God, we worship You as Giver of new life. Blow through our lives, O Spirit. Cleanse us of all contamination and impure thoughts; of lack of love, selfishness and intolerance. 
Give new life to our entire being. Blow through the hearts of all who are distressed. You are the Comforter that the Savior promised to the sad. Raise them up who snap under the burden of their sorrows and give them new courage for life. Blow through your church, O Spirit, and bring a God-willed revival. Transform communities that work out of love for You and make Sundays of everyday life. 
Blow, O Spirit, through our country, its leaders and all its people. Work in a powerful way for reconciliation, tolerance and peace. Let the Father’s name be glorified, Christ’s attitude live in us, and let Your fruit, O Spirit, become visible in our lives. 
Be, O Spirit of God, to all of us, the breath of a truly Christian life. In the name of our Risen Savior, Jesus the Living Christ.  ~Amen (anonymous)

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